Friday, 17 June 2011

Mr Ford........I heart thee.

Hiya girls!

Whilst shopping in Harvey Nichols the other week, Mr D went walkabout and I was suddenly drawn in by a range of rather gorgeous lipsticks. 

I spent £35 on a lipstick which I am now too afraid to use for fear of un-prettying it. 

But my God, isn't it beautiful?!

Please can someone tell me this is normal??

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Wanna get Dirrrrrrty?


Let's get things out of the way first.....

My name is Nicola and I have a serious dry shampoo addiction.

Yes I do wash my hair. No, I'm not a skank......seriously.

I have quite fine hair, and washing it everyday just makes it lank and yuck. So I tend to wash my hair 2-3 times a week and use the ever wonderful Batiste inbetween. 

So whilst out perusing the aisles of Boots the other day, these happend to fall into my basket;

My all time favourite has to be the dark brown, any girl with dark hair will know what I'm talking about when I say grey roots! Yum!! Despite this, I just HAD to buy the tropical can.....purely for the smell. Yes, I am that shallow.

XXL Volume is a new addition to the range, and a very welcome one indeed! 
Instructions for use are rather simple; 
Spray it on under your layers....rub a bit......admire your massive hair.
And massive hair it is!! I created an amazing beehive updo with this the other day, there was no hairspray helmet head!

You may notice these are bigger cans than normal....this is because Batiste have increased the size of the smaller ones! Hurrah!! If you think these are big, go look in Boots/Superdrug and see the really big ones. They're the size of a newborn baby.

Have you tried the XXL Volume yet? Thoughts??

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Revlon Scented Polishes

Hello lovelies!

Happy Hump Day.......the weekend is almost here!

Anyway, the other day a package dropped through the door. Inside I found some rather lovely Revlon scented nail polishes. Needless to say, I was very pleased indeed.

l-r; Peach Smoothie, Mad about Mango, Beach, Passion Fruit

pic shows three coats on all nails.'s the lowdown.

Peach Smoothie is the most beautiful nude peach, it has a slight gold shimmer to it which makes it less boring than your average polish. Scent-wise, this is quite subtle, which is fine for me as this is now my go-to work polish. Cant be caught sniffing my fingers at work!!

Mad About Mango..............OMG it smells like Hubba Bubba!! Amazing colour for summer, infact I now have two bottles of this as it was one I honed in on when the polishes were launched. My lovely mother will be gifted with the other's just her colour!

Beach. I don't quite get it. Colour is a wishy-washy yellowy acid green which doesn't look that amazing on my pasty skin and I can't really smell anything....should I sniff for sand or saltwater? I can't make it out.

Passion Fruit is another winner for me. Beautifully opaque and quite strong smelling. I wore this for a day shopping with a friend and made her sniff my fingers in the middle of Edinburgh. Cue odd looks from both her and passers by....

As always, the wear on Revlon polishes is awesome. I can get a good 3-4 days out of them before I need to get it off.

Have you tried any of these polishes yet? I seriously suggest you get yourselves down to your local Boots where Revlon is currently on 3 for 2.

FYI - these polishes were a PR sample. 

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Hello Stranger...........

Hello there! How the devil are you all??
So I've been a very bad blogger and neglected you all for the past 8 months.
Here's what I've been up to.....

 leopard print nails

 Princes St Gardens in the snow
 snow day!

Do I look good as a reindeer?

 Christmas morning 
 New Year food heaven
 MASSIVE lashes!

 the last time I had long hair :(
 i heart the royals
 Eiffel Tower........gosh it's big!

                    Charlie and Oscar

Me (with new short hair) and the wonderful Mr D.

Speak soon,

Nic xx