Wednesday, 30 June 2010


I have to interview potential new staff today, so thought I'd go for a classic nude with a twist in an attempt to look like a good boss lady.

Base - Models Own Nude Beige
Tips - Models Own Champagne

Whaddya think......? You likey?

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Lookie What I've Seen!

On Sunday afternoon, as part of the Edinburgh Film Festival I saw Toy Story 3!!

All I can say is it was flippin' amazing and you need to see it when it goes on general release on July 19th.

Should anyone wish to buy me a present........I'd like one of these;

(you may notice my rather lush nails - i'll do a better post later on in the week)

Operation Size 8

Evening troops,

So yesterday I started something in preparation for my upcoming nuptials.....Operation Size 8. I've had two days of doing really well, then tonight..........BOOM! After a disagreement with the Mothership on the phone, I've eaten cherry cake, chilli doritos and a rocky bar. And now I feel entirely disgusted with myself.

So from now on............

Chips are out (no matter how yummy they look)


Salads are in!

I'll see you on the thin side........

Saturday, 26 June 2010

BBQ Saturday


What a lush day?!

Bloke and I did some errands this morning, went to see Shrek Forever After 3D this afternoon (which is soooooooo brilliant), then had a wee BBQ this evening with his familia.

Jacket - Primark
Tshirt - River Island (years ago)
Harem Pants - Tesco
Bag - Mulberry Alexa

The Bloke doing his thing....

Possibly the worst self-picture ever!

Mine and ShaneDog's feeties :)

Did you do anything fun today?

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Lust Haves.....

I need/want these..........NOW!

exhibit a - missoni for converse 2010 edition

I have a sequinned leopard print pair, which are my 'winter' converse......these would be so nice to rock all summer long!

exhibit b - michael kors gold chronograph watch

Bloke loves his watches.....and I mean LOVE. I think he loves watches more than he loves me. Anyway, I think his love of wrist-wear might have rubbed off on me seeing as I need this beauty in my life right now.

Dear Summer Money Fairy, I've been very good.........I can has these please? Big squishy kiss, Lala. X

Monday, 21 June 2010

The Bestest Weekend Ever.....

.....involved a picnic at the beach.


I Heart Lime Crime

There....I've said it.

The lipsticks are truely awesome......gorgeously bright colours which remind me of crayons and paint pots of my youth. They really suit my perma-tanned state (or at least I think so anyway). I bought a couple in my local Space NK store on a whim one Sunday afternoon, and so far, am quite happy that I did!

Great Pink Planet;

This reminds me of the MAC Gaga lippie......quite an 80's bubblegum pink. Love it! This is perfect for every day wear, its my go-to lipstick of choice for work. I'll do a FOTD soon using it with a smoky eye, I rocked that look at the weekend! Very Bardot.....


Cosmopop is a pale tangerine with a kick. It looks flippin amazing with a tan and a summer dress! As with Great Pink Planet, the staying power is immense and they both feel super creamy on the lips....not drying at all!! For me, this is a major WIN.....I can't bear my lips to feel dry and tight.

Next up on the wishlist are:

Retrofuturist, D'Lilac and possibly No She Didn't (just for the teeth whitening qualities)

Have you tried any Lime Crime? What are your thoughts?

FYI - these lipsticks were purchased by me for your review-reading pleasure. Should you wish me to review the ones on my wishlist sooner than I intend to, please buy me them :)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Princess will get her Castle.....

This is Malcesine Castle in Lake Garda, Italy.........this is where Bloke and I will be getting hitched! YAY! Seriously, how pretty?! Sept 2011 cannot come quick enough! The reception will be somewhere in Edinburgh (haven't quite figured out where yet) and will be doing all the catering. Whoop!

I've also started to look at dresses.........this is one I quite like. Concerned about the boobie area though, it's a little low. With generous DD's, this might prove a problem.

Has anyone you know got married abroad? What kinda dress did they choose?? I have a special Wedding Planning notebook from to jot down all my ideas!


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Hello/Buon Giorno!

Welcome along for the ride.........let's eat some cake, worship love on the Great Gods of Primark, plan a wedding and learn some Italian, yeah?

Oh........and if I can get Nicole Richie skinny in the meantime, that'd be fantastico! (see what i did there??) I mean, how else am I gonna wear a grecian-goddess type wedding frock without looking like Stay Puft in a dress?

If you don't fancy any of the above, I am quite serious about my makeup and have just purchased a whole truck load of Models Own nail polishes for your review-reading pleasure.

Stay Tuned!