Monday, 21 June 2010

I Heart Lime Crime

There....I've said it.

The lipsticks are truely awesome......gorgeously bright colours which remind me of crayons and paint pots of my youth. They really suit my perma-tanned state (or at least I think so anyway). I bought a couple in my local Space NK store on a whim one Sunday afternoon, and so far, am quite happy that I did!

Great Pink Planet;

This reminds me of the MAC Gaga lippie......quite an 80's bubblegum pink. Love it! This is perfect for every day wear, its my go-to lipstick of choice for work. I'll do a FOTD soon using it with a smoky eye, I rocked that look at the weekend! Very Bardot.....


Cosmopop is a pale tangerine with a kick. It looks flippin amazing with a tan and a summer dress! As with Great Pink Planet, the staying power is immense and they both feel super creamy on the lips....not drying at all!! For me, this is a major WIN.....I can't bear my lips to feel dry and tight.

Next up on the wishlist are:

Retrofuturist, D'Lilac and possibly No She Didn't (just for the teeth whitening qualities)

Have you tried any Lime Crime? What are your thoughts?

FYI - these lipsticks were purchased by me for your review-reading pleasure. Should you wish me to review the ones on my wishlist sooner than I intend to, please buy me them :)

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