Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Operation Size 8

Evening troops,

So yesterday I started something in preparation for my upcoming nuptials.....Operation Size 8. I've had two days of doing really well, then tonight..........BOOM! After a disagreement with the Mothership on the phone, I've eaten cherry cake, chilli doritos and a rocky bar. And now I feel entirely disgusted with myself.

So from now on............

Chips are out (no matter how yummy they look)


Salads are in!

I'll see you on the thin side........


  1. Im going to have a go on the Tony Ferguson program with Boots. Just as a kick start to coincide with when I join the gym next month.
    Good luck! x

  2. i've just signed up for that! the cafe latte shakes are yum......perfect breakfast shake!

  3. Ooo yey, great minds! Keep me updated with how it goes x