Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Guess who's back?! Back Again.......

Enough with the referencing to an Eminem song....
I'm back!!!! YAY! the past month I have;

  • Moved house! After 4 months of living with the in-laws, Bloke and I moved into a new flat. Its right next to a shopping centre, which will probably lead to disaster and I'll end up broke. Although at least I'll know how to get to at least one place in Edinburgh now......being a Southern Softie with no sense of direction doesn't bode well when people ask me to go places.
  • Got a new job! Having walked out of the Tanning Salon over fears for my safety and sanity, I am now back doing what I love and was born to do..........playing with makeup all day! 
  • Decided enough is enough! As soon as I have some spare pennies (end of Oct hopefully) I shall be joining Pure Gym in Edinburgh. Fit, lean and healthy is the new Black.
I have a mega backlog of things to blog about......please bear with me, we'll get through it together!

I shall leave you with this thought.........with less than 3 months til Christmas, have you started your list yet?

Nic x

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