Thursday, 14 October 2010

Lip of the Day; Revlon Smoked Peach

Hi Girls,

I think for Winter I'm gonna concentrate on some Lip of the Day posts.......with maybe a FOTD thrown in for good measure. I'm having some body confidence issues at the mo, so you wont be seeing me from the neck down for a while!

Anyway......I give you Smoked Peach by Revlon.

Ooooooh Pretty!

Part of the A/W collection created by Gucci Westman, Smoked Peach is a matte lipstick......which can feel quite odd at first. I got over that after about 30 seconds when I realised how goddam pretty it is! It leaves me with lovely peachy lips, not too pale, not too bright. Perfect with a cosy Winter wardrobe of taupe jumpers and camel coats. 

Available at Boots/Superdrug

FYI - this product was provided by the lovely PR folk at Revlon. It is something I was looking at purchasing anyway, so I was very happy to receive it!

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