Monday, 19 July 2010

Happy where's my present?

Wednesday 14th July was mine and Bloke's anniversary........but due to both of us working, we decided to celebrate it on the Thursday instead.


Jumper - £12 New Look Sale
Jeggings - £18 M&S

After a hearty breakfast of bacon rolls in the M&S cafe, we headed off into town for some shopping fun. It wasn't long before we ended up in Mecca......I mean MAC, where I promptly fleeced that poor Bloke of mine out of £99.

My purchases;

I got the very last Stereo Rose in stock (cue stupid happy dance)

MSFN in Medium+

3 of the most amazing lippies ever!

I also walked away with Fix+ and some Pro Eyemakeup Remover.........boring things compared to the rest!

I'm sure you've all seen swatches of Stereo Rose on other blogs, as well as the lippies....but should you wish to see what they look like on my mug, gimme a shout!

Other presents included...

* Revlon Nail Polishes
* £25 iTunes voucher (so i can secretly download JLS without anyone knowing.........oops)
* Clinique Happy

Once we were all shopped out, we headed to All Bar One for foodstuffs....

He's going to hate me for posting this picture.

Unfortunately, we were far too hungry to take pictures of our food before eating (not that you really need to see what we ate!) but I have to say, I had the most AMAZING burger was all herby, with caramelised onions and camembert! Yum!

And they serve beer for girls!

It's pink!

What happened after beer and food is far too much of a drunken shambles to blog about.......all in all, a fucking brilliant day!

P.S - what did I buy Bloke? nothing as yet............I'm a bad girlfriend.

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  1. Congrats on anniversary, how long ye together now?