Monday, 16 August 2010

NOTD; Chanel Paradoxal

I'm blaming this purchase entirely on peer pressure.

Picture the scene.........after weeks of umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether to purchase Paradoxal on it's release, I had decided to leave it. Somehow I found myself in John Lewis ridiculously early on Saturday morning hovering around the Chanel counter, having ran away from the Bloke who wanted to do grown up things like buying cushions.
 I only went to just look at the bottle in person.............honest. 

And then it happened...........somehow the Chanel Boy convinced me I needed it in my life. Out came my debit card and one £16.50 transaction later this little baby was mine!

It's mostly grey-based, with a purple shimmer through it. Blink and you'll miss it though.....

Having said that, I think I may have found my new most favourite thing ever. Just look at's all murky and dingy. 

And I LOVE it.

This is a ltd edition, so if you really want it I suggest you hotfoot it to your local Chanel counter ASAP.

FYI - this product was purchased by me for review.....i am considering purchasing a back-up cos i love it so much.... 

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