Friday, 13 August 2010

Pantene Aqua Light; I've got that loving feeling

Hi Girls,

Are you having a good hair day? 

I have long fine hair, and I have lots of it. In the past, this has generally meant I can wash my hair on Day 1 and by Day 1.5 it looks rank......all weighed down and a wee bit greasy.

It has been roughly 10 years since I used Pantene....I loved the smell, but it just did *nothing* for my teenage wannabe gothic hair. Luckily, that phase passed pretty quickly. I think it coincided with me discovering fake tan......but that's another story.

So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered Pantene were releasing the Aqua Light range, specially for crap fine hair like mine! Off I trotted to Sainsburys, where the whole range was half off. Not thinking about whether I'd like it or not, I bought the biggest sizes possible........

So.........what did I think?

It was love at first wash.

My hair has never felt so bouncy and swishy...and I can honestly say I can make it to Day 3 before I need to wash my hair again. Hurrah!

Girls, you need this in your lives.

FYI - this was purchased by me for review, and will continue to be repurchased forever more.

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